Fully self-contained bed and breakfast cottage accommodation in Nelson, New Zealand

Finding Oka Cottage is easy

Located off State Highway 6, South of Wakefield Village, Nelson New Zealand.

Turn off SH6 into 88 Valley

Continue down 88 Valley and turn left into Totara View Road. Follow Totara View Road until you see the OKA Cottage sign, then follow the driveway to the front of the cottage.

Wakefield Village offers:

  • Cafe
  • Pharmacy
  • Primary School
  • Medical Centre
  • Art Gallery – Tea House
  • Supermarket
  • Pony Club
  • Antiques
  • Hairdresser
  • Service Station
  • 9 Hole Golf Course
  • Warm, friendly, safe, rural village atmosphere

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www.cottagesofnelson.co.nz – Great alternative accommodation in Nelson.

www.nouveaudesign.info – An amazing summer community event in Wakefield.

If you enjoy really good New Zealand Salmon on the BBQ at Oka Cottage. We can order and have delivery daily of exactly what you would like.

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